RECICLATGES Arbeca SL is a company located in the Catalan province of Lleida whose social and economic goal is the recollection, treatment and disposal of waste.

RECICLATGES Arbeca SL, was founded in 1997 and during these years we have specialized in the treatment of tires, rubber, elastomers and related materials.

While 11 years ago until our scope of action was only Spain, our growth strategy and expansion is based on the introduction of our products in Central and South America.

At the moment we have a crushing plant for a cut of 50x50 mm, with an output of 4 to 5 Tons / hour But also a second plant with a fixed cutting 100x150 mm, with a mixed production (tourism, truck and Agriculture), to a diameter of the mouth of 1,8 m. that produces until 10 Tons / hour.

RECICLATGES Arbeca SL, has built a facility of 5,000 m ^ 2 located in a field of more than 48,000 own ^ 2 in order to carry out the classification and management of waste efficiently, allowing us to offer a good service to our customers.
RECICLATGES Arbeca s.l. available number of E.557.98 manager and the authorization of transportation T.1163.